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  • Make Your Own Stock
  • Make Your Own Stock
  • Make Your Own Stock
  • Make Your Own Stock
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  • 5 kg bones
  • 5 L water
  • 1 x to taste knob celery, carrot, union, laurel leafs, thyme, mushrooms, cranberries, salt, peper


if you ar lucky and live in a small town, your local butcher has usually lots of bones, which are a great way to make your own “fond” (stock).
If the Butcher did’nt do it, the bones usually are to be cut (best with iron saw) to fit your biggest soup pan.

backe the bones at 175 degr C. in the oven for about 3 hours.
leave to cool and collect the fry cubed mushrooms (I used Chantherelles) unions, carrots and celery in your largest soup pan (holding at least 10 liter) when brown add the bones and 5 liter water ( at least so much water that all the bones are covered. (In case you have a smaller pan, take less bones and less water)

Cook slowly for at least 8 hours. Poor the bouillon in another pan (throw away the bones and roots) leave to cool and collect the fat (throw away)

Add to the bouillon cranberries, pepper, laurel leaves, thyme to taste and leave to cook without a lid, to evaporate until you have about 2 liters left.
add salt to taste ans finally sieve carefully
when cooled down, your stock is like a jel.

this stock boosts up the taste of many dishes!

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