My Grannies Apricot Cake (marillenkuchen)

  • My Grannies Apricot Cake (marillenkuchen)
  • My Grannies Apricot Cake (marillenkuchen)
  • My Grannies Apricot Cake (marillenkuchen)
  • My Grannies Apricot Cake (marillenkuchen)
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  • 2-3 cups atta flour
  • 3/4 cups organic raw sugar
  • 1/2 x vanilla pot (inside paste)
  • 3,4 Tbls bacing powder
  • 1/2 cup apple purree/sauce
  • 1/2 cup sunflower oil
  • 2-2,5 cups pure harvest coconut milk (avail. at coles)


Preheat your oven to 170C°. Add all ingredients for the dough into a bowl and mix until you get a smooth and creamy dough. Fill the dough into a spring form or quarter form and top with the fresh apricots. Give the apricots a little squeeze with fresh lemon juice — sprinkle with vanilla sugar and bake the cake for approx 20 – 40 min. Check with a wooden spoon if ready — when the stick is clean — the cake is ready! Get the cake out of the oven and let cool down complete.
When cold, dust with lots of icing sugar — and ENJOY :-)

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  • Agela I am making similar cake as yours.This cake come perfect with fresh plums,but I deep them first in sugar,because when they cooked it come ….bit sour.And on top of it I sprinkle sweet streusel.


    by ANNA LINHART on 21/01/2014, 15:56
    • This is an Austrian recipe — the plum one I also know, but with a yeast dogh — its a German plum cake. I got a recipe for that as well.
      I always so loved it when we went to my granny in Austria and she baked this cake :-)
      And my mum also does. This always was and is my favorite cake I guess.


      by Angela H. on 22/01/2014, 12:10
      Angela H.