Peanut Butter Bread

  • Peanut Butter Bread
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  • 375 g peanut butter, all natural sugar free
  • 3 x eggs, whole large
  • 1 Tbls vinegar, apple cider or to taste
  • 1 Tbls baking soda
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 handful seeds of your choice


Using a hand mixer blend the nut butter and eggs to a creamy consistency.

Add the vinegar and salt and mix for a further minute and well combined.

Line a greased loaf tin suitable for a small loaf and preheat the oven to 170 degC

Add the soda and beat very briefly until combined and pour the mixture into the loaf tin,level neatly, top with seeds and put into the preheated oven.

Bake for 30-40 minutes

Allow to cool in the tin then turn out and cool.

A treat warm with butter, nut butter or toasted.

* Any nut or seed butter can be substituted for peanut butter. I have had success with tahini bread and macadamia bread.

** Low carb and can be enjoyed in moderation in ketogenic diets

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  • Helen I never taste the bread,but I believe it must be delicious and moisture.That is good for afternoon tea.


    by ANNA LINHART on 25/02/2014, 09:07
    • Thank you Anna it is quite unique and having to alter our menu to accommodate exceedingly low carb options has made it a staple.


      by Helen Minns on 25/02/2014, 11:36
      Helen Minns
  • This looks really simple Helen. And delicious! Adding it to my list for Sunday baking day :)


    by Nicole McLennan on 25/02/2014, 11:34
    Nicole McLennan
    • it has become a favourite replacing much of the bread our household used to go through.


      by Helen Minns on 25/02/2014, 11:42
      Helen Minns
  • Awesome, made this and it really works with my Low carb, high protein Diet!, Thanks Helen


    by James Ayers on 25/02/2014, 11:48
    James Ayers
    • it is you that inspires me <3


      by Helen Minns on 25/02/2014, 14:25
      Helen Minns
  • This bloody thing keeps entering less stars than I want and it won’t let me change it :( I wanted to give it 5 stars :(


    by Tess Hudson on 25/02/2014, 19:02
    Tess Hudson
    • you’re attempt at high praise is good enough for me thank you Tess


      by Helen Minns on 25/02/2014, 21:28
      Helen Minns
  • Finally found this recipe love it friends that are strictly gluten free love it and everyone else. I find amazing that it actually works.


    by sten larsen on 20/06/2017, 21:10
    sten larsen