Sexy Squid Salad with Zucchini

  • Sexy Squid Salad with Zucchini
  • Sexy Squid Salad with Zucchini
  • Sexy Squid Salad with Zucchini
  • Sexy Squid Salad with Zucchini
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  • 300 g squid rings
  • 150 g mixed leafy salad
  • 2 x small tomatoes, quartered
  • 1/2 x cucumber, triangle chunks
  • 1/2 x red onion
  • 1 x spring onion
  • 1 x zucchini, sliced lengthways
  • 1/2 Tbls oil
  • 1 tspn chilli flakes
  • 1/2 x of a lemons zest
  • 1 sprig coriander stems, finely choped
  • 2 Tbls olive oil
  • 1 Tbls lemon juice


1.First off, to marinate the squid. Combine the chilli flakes, lemon zest, coriander stems, lemon juice and seasoning in a bowl, but hold off on the oil till the last minute.

2.Oil and season the zucchini strips then get them onto a hot grill or you could just do it in a large fry pan. Should only take a few mins on each side.

3.Next chop all of your salad ingredients up and have them ready to go in a bowl. Don’t dress it yet, I like to dress salads at the last minute before serving.

4.When the zucchini is done, in the same pan/grill – get it really hot, just smoking…

5.Now cook your squid off, might have to do it in batches because you want to grill it and not stew it so grill/pan must always be smoking hot.

6.Grill squid for about 1-2 mins, till they get a bit of colour on them.
Get some lemon juice as soon as they come off the heat.

7.Time to dress your salad with the olive oil, lemon juice and seasoning and plate them. Also plate the zucchini.

8.Place your squid on top and around your salad. Garnish with coriander and serve with lemon wedges. Enjoy!

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  • Thumbs Up!


    by Anjana Gajan on 05/10/2012, 15:29
    Anjana Gajan
  • Hi Kate! I am only now just learning to cook with seafood despite my extreme horror of eating it (lol) I must say I will give this a go when we manage to catch some squid … living by the sea is a blessing. Thnx for the inspiration


    by Helen Minns on 19/11/2012, 09:08
    Helen Minns