Simple Fruit Salad

  • Simple Fruit Salad

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  • 1 x rockmelon
  • 1 punnet strawberries
  • 4 x passionfruit


Serves 4

Fruit salad can take a long time to prepare and people always pick out the bits they like and leave the rest. Why not keep it to a few, different flavours so you can enjoy it quickly!

Cut rockmelon in half, scoop out pulp. Remove skin and cut into bite sized chunks.
Wash and remove green strawberry tops, then quarter and add to the rockmelon, mix together.
Serve with passionfruit pulp on top.

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  • Love a fresh seasonal fruit salad! Can’t wait till mangoes and watermelon are back in season.


    by Cameron Bryant on 14/08/2012, 06:33
    Cameron Bryant
  • I just love a good summery fruit salad! Just add a scoop of Maggie Beer to finish it off and yumm!


    by Victoria Middleton on 11/09/2012, 03:50
    Victoria Middleton
  • Simple, healthy, delicious. Makes me excited for summer, thanks Amanda!


    by Sara Y on 07/10/2012, 22:10
    Sara Y