Strong Chicken Soup

  • Strong  Chicken  Soup
  • Strong  Chicken  Soup
  • Strong  Chicken  Soup
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  • 8 - 10 x chicken wings(pieces )
  • 2 x large carrots ( washed,peeledchopped )
  • 2 x large parsnips (washed,peeled,chopped )
  • 1/4 x celeriac (peeled,chopped )
  • 6 x black peppercorns
  • 2 x large bay-leaves
  • 6 x whole black pepper
  • 1 x green springs onions
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 x cooked pasta


1)The wings wash,clean, cut into half and add into deep saucepan,pour cold water enough to cover the wings and bring to boil.With big tablespoon pic up on the top the white froth then reduce the heat and add washed,peeled and chopped vegetables and seasonings.Cook until meat is tender,then pick up,leave to cool.Remove the meat and roughly chop.Pick up all vegetables and the liquid strain into another saucepan.Add meat,vegetables,shallots and cooked pasta.Stir,season with salt and pepper and taste.

2)Serve on a plate on its own or with freshly baked bread-roll.

PS.This time the soup is very warming.This is excellent for lunch.

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  • Perfect for a meal, but even better when you’re sick and in need of some delicious sustenance! ^_^


    by Nell Hungerford on 08/07/2013, 08:20
    Nell Hungerford
    • Nell I make this soup from half of chicken and the yellow color is from fat.The taste was excellent.Thank you.


      by ANNA LINHART on 08/07/2013, 14:18