Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

  • Stuffed Zucchini Flowers
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  • 6 x zucchini flowers
  • 0.25 cup goats cheese
  • 0.25 cup ricotta
  • 1 x red chilli
  • 1 x lemon
  • 1 Tbls chopped mint
  • 1 cup sr flour
  • 1 x bottle apple cider
  • 3 cups vegetable oil for frying
  • 1 Tbls honey


1. Gently pull out the stamen in the middle of the zucchini flower.
2. Mix together the cheeses, mint, finely diced chilli, 1/2 lemon zest and juice.
3. Put mixture into a zip lock bag and snip off the corner.
4. Gently pipe the mixture into the zucchini flowers and twist the petals to seal.
5. Place flour in a bowl with some salt and gradually whisk in enough cider to make the consistency of thickened cream.
6. Dip the flowers into the batter then straight into the vegetable oil to fry for around 3-5 minutes at 160 degrees.
7. Drain the flowers on paper towel.
8. Drizzle with honey and serve.

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  • Lee, these look divine and I love the idea of honey!


    by Sara Y on 26/02/2013, 13:38
    Sara Y
    • Thanks Sara! I usually like to use the flowers with the zucchini on them but didn’t have any at this time.. The honey cuts through the chilli really well!


      by Lee Amer on 04/03/2013, 10:10
      Lee Amer