Sweet Potato Fries

  • Sweet Potato Fries
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  • 1 x large sweet potato
  • 1 x olive oil
  • 1 x salt and pepper, or seasoning, or spices (i used a generous sprinkle of mexican spices)


Serves: 4 small/medium serves, Prep: 10-15 mins, Cook: approx 30-35 mins

1. Preheat your oven to 160C, fan-forced, and line 2-3 baking trays with foil.
2. Meanwhile, chop your sweet potato either into large thirds, or halves, and then chop off the skin.
3. Place the flat side of these pieces down, then chop these pieces into thirds again, and then cut out long strips about the width of your finger.
4. If your chips at this stage are too thick, i.e. thicker than your finger, chop them in half (like a hotdog bun) to create two thinner, but the same length, chips.
5. Put them into a plastic bag with a generous splash of olive oil, enough to coat them as well as the seasoning of your choice. Allow some air in the bag, then hold the top shut and shake the chips all around to get them coated.
6. Place the chips onto the trays, but make sure they’re not over-crowded and touching, as this will make them soggy.
7. Place these trays into the oven and bake for fifteen minutes, then flip all of the chips over and bake for another fifteen minutes. If you have a slow oven, you might have to bake them longer, or vice versa for a more powerful oven, but make sure to watch that the chips don’t burn.
8. Serve, (these taste great with tomato sauce.)

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  • Nell I fry the sweet potatoes in pan on stove and I use sea salt.I cook them only half cooking time on both sides and they are still crunchy and delicious.But you have to use ……bit of oil.Yours must be yummy to.Well done.


    by ANNA LINHART on 17/08/2013, 08:17
    • :3 Thanks! Yours sound delicious too! ^_^


      by Nell Hungerford on 17/08/2013, 10:48
      Nell Hungerford