Tripple “s” Smoked Beef

  • Tripple “s” Smoked Beef
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  • 300 g smoked beef
  • 100 g each of carrot, celery root, kohlrabi
  • 100 ml stock
  • 1 tspn each of chervil, savory
  • 10 gr x gelling sugar
  • 2 x apple


tripple “S” stands for salt-sweet-sour

serves 4
cook the 2 unpeeled apples in a little water with 8 gr gelling sugar. collect the water and leave to cool and finaly in the fridge to set.

Cut the carrot in tiny thin slices and put them in a marinade of chervil and 2 gr of gelling sugar

Cut extreme thin slices of the celery root and put them in a marinade of savory and salt

( you can speed up the marinating process in the microwave for 20 seconds- remember to use a lid )

grate the Kohlraby

put the veggies in the fridge

mix extra salt to the sotck and leave to set in the fridge

cut the smoked beef in very thin slices.

arrange the food on a plate and serve (an extra “sour” could be also capers)

enjoy the apetizer

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  • Ranking: 5 more votes required!

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