Venison Stew

  • Venison Stew
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  • 200 g deep frozen venison meat
  • 1 cup venison stock
  • 1 cup almond potatoes
  • 1 cup cranberries
  • 1 cup apple compote


(quantities for 1 person ) ARCTIC CUISINE

this is an original laplanders meal with reindeer. (in the arctic winter veggies are extremely expensive…so the vitamines come from the wild cranberries and the apple compote)

The Laplander always BBQ his meal outside even while it is freezing cold!

the frozen meat needs to be thinly sliced before you put it into the cook pot with the stock and leave to simmer for at least an hour. In the mean time wash and cook your potatoes in the skin!! (almond potatoes you eat with the skin)

serve with sugar free apple compote and cranberries……….and a japanese cold sake

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  • been a while since I had venison … used to love Bambi burgers … yum! I think there are a few deer farms around here so I may not have to rely on frozen meat …. I love the cultural references thank you


    by Helen Minns on 04/01/2013, 09:16
    Helen Minns
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