Veronica’s Lasagne

  • Veronica’s Lasagne
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  • 2 tspn milk
  • 1 cup flour
  • 250 g mozerella cheese
  • 500 g minced meat
  • 250 g mozerella cheese
  • 2 x butter or margarine


Before starting:
Remember to pre-heat oven & spray lasagna tray with cooking spray.

Step 1: Brown mince and add to two regular sized jars of heated pasta sauce.
Step 2 add butter to a medium sized pot. Stir until melted.
Step 3: gradually add flour to melted butter.
Step 4: gradually add milk to butter and flour mixture, stirring constantly until mixture starts to become thick. It shouldn’t have any lumps.
Steep 5: Using a ladel, cover bottom of lasagna tray with mince.
On top put a layer of lasagna sheets. Layer with mince meat. Add cheese sauce. Add another layer of lasagna sheets, then one last layer of cheese sauce (use as much as desired, or all that;s left).

Top with around 250g mozerella cheese, and enjoy!

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