Wild Mushroom Risotto

  • Wild Mushroom Risotto
  • Wild Mushroom Risotto
  • Wild Mushroom Risotto
  • Wild Mushroom Risotto
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  • 2 cups rice
  • 4 cups mushroom brew
  • 25 g butter
  • 1 x union
  • 1 kg mushrooms ( horn of plenty, wood hedgehog, chanterelle )
  • 1 x salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 long splash white wine


After an exciting time of collecting wild mushrooms, your basket is likely filled with various edible mushroom species. At home begins the real thrill. The experience is that more than half of the mushrooms is worthless to eat.
Non fungi waste, of course, you throw away, but the poorer areas of the mushroom, and even “occupied” mushrooms are worth a cooking treatment with some salt, before they are discarded. Collect that cooking liquid through a fine sieve for a special seasoning of your mushroom risotto.

this amount serves 4

The mushrooms, you prefer to eat, you cut in dices and fry in a pan in some hot butter with chopped onions, then add the rice and finally add the mushroom broth When it boils again, cook for 15 minutes. Halfway the cooking time, add a long spash of white wine.

add just freh pepper from the mill before serving
some prefer additional herbs
some prefer grated parmesan Cheese.

PS any cultivated mushroom will do too!
cook the stems in water for the brew and use the mushroom hats for the rice

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  • Could do with a little colour, perhaps some fresh herbs would liven the dish.

    Do you not like scallops Hannu?


    by Stuart Talman on 18/10/2012, 10:33
    Stuart Talman