How to cook the perfect crackling (video) with Mark Best

Mark Best is a legend of Australian cooking. Not only does his restaurant, Marque, consistently receive three chef’s hats in the Good Food Guide (for the past seven years), but he repeatedly receives accolades – Chef of the Year, Restaurant of the Year… you name it, he’s got it.

In the lead-up to Christmas, Best Home Chef asked Mark the most important question on everyone’s lips: how to perfect crackling.

Best says the key is to choose the most delicious pork available. He suggests rare breed pork – such as a Wessex Saddleback – and chooses the loin which has a lot of intra-muscular fat. The rest is easy. Keep the pork in the fridge overnight, score the skin and fat with a sharp serrated knife and then massage oil, pepper and plenty of salt into it. Place the pork in a hot oven at about 260 or 270 degrees so the crackling really puffs and enjoy the results.

Watch this video and take notes. You’re learning from the Best Chef!

Sally Killoran
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