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At Best Home Chef we love family cooking, and when we saw Australian chef Justin North had put out a tome called just that, we ran to pick up a copy. And we don’t usually run. Ever.

Family Cooking doesn’t disappoint. We sat down with Justin and asked him seven questions covering everything from putting a recipe together to tips on how to take better food photos. You need to read this.

What’s the inspiration behind Family Cooking?

Family cooking is a collection of my favourite recipes to cook at home for family and friends.

I often get asked ‘what do you cook at home’, well this is it. A great way to involve the whole family and encourage simple fresh eating at home.

What is your approach to putting a new recipe together?

I always start with the produce, the best inspiration of all! Beautiful fresh local produce and simple technique. I generally test the recipe on friends and family first for feed back, then test the recipe to get it absolutely right, often this can take two, three or four attempts.

What is you go-to recipe when cooking dinner at home for your family?

I love a simple flatbread, making fresh dough is so easy and a lovely way to use up bits and pieces. And the kids just love it, especially being able to help and create their own versions.

What is your favourite dessert when cooking at home?

A strawberry and rhubarb crumble with thick cream or a chocolate brownie (with ice cream of course!)

What do you think is an under-appreciated ingredient in home

Ginger, I love putting a little fresh ginger in all sorts of savoury and sweet preparations, not so much for the intensity but for a very subtle seasoning.

What is an essential ingredient when cooking at home?

Olive oil and salt, I know it sounds a bit boring but I just thing they are so important as a flavour enhancer.

What will you be cooking for Christmas this year?

Knowing my luck, everything! Honey glazed ham, roast turkey and loads of funky trifle!

Do you have any tips for making your food look great in photos?

Don’t try and over work the food, make sure it looks natural, good colour, great lighting, use interesting plates and have fun with it!

Published by Penguin, Justin North’s Family Cooking is a great stocking filler this festive season.

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  • I love Justin North and I also love his style of cooking. I was lucky to meet him in person in Sydney!


    by Sarah Lewis on 29/11/2013, 18:23
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